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Time : 2019-07-12

The shaft is a part that is often overlooked. Here are some of its secrets.

1. The shaft size affects the lightness of products

The size of rotating shaft is designed according to the structure and actual needs of the product. It can be seen whether the product is light and thin when installed in the closed state of the product.

2. Why should the shaft be lubricated

If the rotating shaft is installed on the product for a long time, it may not open and close smoothly or sound may appear when opening and closing. Adding grease can reduce the wear of the rotating shaft and make it easier to open and close, thus extending the service life of the rotating shaft.

3. What influence does the operating environment have on the rotating shaft

Different use environment, the requirements for the shaft are different. For example, the rotating shaft is installed on the base of the TV, generally its size is relatively large flying shovel, so when choosing the rotating shaft, it is necessary to choose damping force and long service life of the rotating shaft, such as the installation of industrial chassis, the anti-wear and anti-corrosion ability of the rotating shaft has higher requirements.

4. The role of rotating shaft

The product can be combined with any Angle stop freely, and it can also make the use of the product flexible to change the use state of different positions.