Application of Macher Sensor in Motor Speed Measurement

Time : 2019-07-12

The main components between the products must be applied to the shaft, the shaft that is used to withstand both bending moments and torques in a rotating work is called the shaft of rotation. And what harm will it do if it is worn out?

Wear is actually one of the most common problems in shaft use, mainly caused by axial metal characteristics: metal while high hardness, poor but concessions (that is, deformation is unable to recover after), poor fatigue resistance, impact resistant performance is poor, so easy to cause abrasive wear, adhesive wear and fatigue wear and fretting wear, etc. Most of the shaft wear is not easy to detect, only the occurrence of high temperature, beating range, abnormal sound and other conditions, will cause detection, but to people found, most of the shaft has been worn, resulting in machine shutdown.